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Kylie price providing professional wedding makeup services

Professional make up artists in sydney providing make-up and styling services for wedding makeup artist sydney, bridal makeup artist sydneymobile makeup artist sydney , Celebrity Media Appearances, Corporate Head Shot Makeup sydney, Actor Head Shot Makeup sydney, Indian hair and makeup.
wedding makeup artist sydney
Weddings are at the very centre of our business.  We at  makeup artists sydney  and your Bridal party to look and feel simply stunning.  There are plenty of tricks involved in makeup artists but we believe the central one is to create the appearance of flawless skin and then accentuate and
 highlight the natural beauty that is ou'!  Your makeup should reflect you and your style, be something that you feel comfortable in and will look fantastic in photos.
The majority of our Brides tend to choose a natural look, with subtle colours in the pinks, neutral shades; however SMA caters for a diverse range of styles and colours for your special day.  We highly recommend a bridal makeup trial.  This helps us get to know you and develop an understanding of your style and personality.  It also helps you see what looks are possible and define the style you are looking for.
It's the most special day of many people's lives, where two people decide to share their lives with one another. It can also be a very stressful time, preparing for the event and deciding on all the little details. One thing which should be thought about early is the different types of wedding makeup artists sydney  for the big day.
Wedding Makeup Looks can be as simple or as elaborate as personal taste (or cultural custom) dictates but there is one thing which is universal in all Wedding Makeup Looks and that is a flawless, seamless, fresh looking foundation. Whether you are after the dewy, sweet and innocent look of a 'blushing' bride in white, or are having the heavily contoured and structured look of the sub-continental bride, a flawless foundation remains the one constant in any number of Wedding Makeup Looks.
Many brides-to-be also want to have complete control over their makeup look and choose to do it themselves, this is entirely up to the bride, however if you are doing your own makeup, its best to look at a large number of Wedding Makeup Looks and study the techniques and tricks used to achieve the look you want.
Of course the most important thing to perfect is getting a seamless foundation look. With brush and sponges this can be quite tricky, but if you know what's good for you, then opt for an airbrushed foundation - this can be the success of all Wedding Makeup Looks. Whether you are going to a salon, or doing it yourself at home the airbrushed foundation look will without a doubt provide the most natural looking coverage, with a seamless finish that will last all day and night.
The good news is that you can get airbrush kits for home use if you aren't going to a salon for your makeup, and probably the best ones on the market are the Dinair range. Because you can mix and match the foundation colors you can get your exact skin match, as well as any contouring work and blush. Dinair also have colors for eye shadows and lip colors as well, so if you are the most seamless wedding makeup then you can airbrush it all!
Salon's are using airbrushing more and more these days, as the benefits of the airbrushing systems are becoming very apparent. The Dinair systems are also used in salons, but they originated in TV and film work as one of the first companies to use airbrushing for makeup.
Whichever wedding makeup looks you are going for, it is almost guaranteed that you will have the finest results if you start with the best kind of base; perfectly applied, flawless looking foundation, which looks like natural skin. This can be achieved in moments with an airbrush, and it won't budge all day, even if you have to kiss a thousand well wishers. For brides who are doing their own makeup, just make sure you have a couple of goes with the airbrush beforehand, so you are completely comfortable on the day - and most home kits are small enough to easily take on the honeymoon, so the perfect skin can come with you after the wedding day!

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Kylie price - How Makeup Classes Can Skyrocket Your Career as a Makeup artists Sydney

makeup artists sydney
If you've always dreamed of becoming a professional, well-paid makeup artist, you might be able to realize your dreams sooner than you think. Helping others look their best can be a rewarding career both emotionally and financially. But just like any other profession, getting the proper training is essential for success. Makeup classes can help in more ways than one.
Learn Makeup Application for All Occasions
Perhaps you already know the basics of applying makeup, but that's not all you should know to become a professional makeup artist. Makeup courses can teach you to apply makeup for all different special occasions. Applying makeup for a bride before her wedding is different than makeup for a glamour shot. There are many occasions where the right type of makeup makes all the difference, such as ceremonies, award presentations, black tie events, informal dances, proms, and parties.
Makeup schools also teach you to apply makeup properly for certain needs such as a photo shoot for a model, a live performance by a speaker, politician, ballet dancer, opera singer, or musician, or even an acting session for an actor before entering the filming studio.
Makeup artist in sydney for the camera is often much different than everyday makeup applications, so it's wise to take some makeup lessons on these different methods.
Makeup Application for Different Skin Types
Another way in which makeup courses can help you develop your talents is they will teach you to apply makeup for a variety of skin types. Skin comes in different color shades, depending on the person's skin pigmentation. There is also oily skin, dry skin, and skin that falls somewhere in between. You'll need makeup lessons to learn about the skin types and what type of makeup should be applied to each individual's skin.
Knowing how to determine the colours of makeup is also important. You should consider the person's skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, and bridal makeup, Celebrity Media Appearances sydney  the shape of their face to find the perfect colour match. Depending on the type of makeup artist you will be, you might apply makeup to men as well. Mostly, this would be for photos or for the live camera.
Sydney based freelance hair and makeup artist providing service for film,  Indian hair and makeup, makeup artists in Sydney, wedding makeup artist sydney, bridal makeup artist sydney, Celebrity Media Appearances Sydney, Corporate Head Shot Makeup Sydney and Actor Head Shot Makeup Sydney.
Learn Other Makeup Techniques
Other makeup techniques you can learn by taking makeup classes include airbrush techniques, applying special effects makeup, applying makeup in salons or spas, working for cosmetic companies, and many others. You'll also learn to work with people and how to assess their needs before applying their makeup to get just the right match for their personality and skin type.
Makeup classes can help you develop your skills as a makeup artists sydney while teaching you the many techniques necessary to become a well-paid professional. If you are unable to take an entire college course, which can take years to complete, then try a makeup workshop that provides a concentrated course on makeup during a limited amount of time. Some of the greatest makeup artists, the best makeup workshops, and the most career opportunities can be found in Hollywood.

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Kylie price Professional Make up Artistry and Hair Styling In Sydney

Kylie Price, Sydney based freelance mobile hair and makeup artist in Sydney who will provide you with her services in the comfort of your own home or venue.
With over 14 years experience in the makeup, hair and beauty industry Kylie Price is an authority figure in her field. Kylie has worked in many facets of the industry creating and coordinating a culmination of dynamic looks for: Television – Channel 9 Good Morning Show, The Apprentice, Logie Awards; Celebrities – Home & Away-Rhys Wakefield, Samantha Weaving, Katriona Rowntree, Sonja Kruger, Asher Keddie; Fashion Runway -Sass & Bide, Alex Perry, Jet swimwear; Red Carpet; Photography; Advertising; Corporate videos; Actors Head Shots; Teaching -June Dally Watkins, Eastern Suburbs Community college and Bridal of all nationalities including international clients specialising in Asian and Indian hair and makeup.Kylie’s greatest passion is working with brides and preparing them for their special day. Kylie has directed the focus of her business to specialise in the area she has so much passion and drive for. Her skilful eye is always focused on recreating the latest trends and looks for her brides. Her meticulous approach is seen through her IPHONE where she snaps shots of styles that inspire her. Her unique level of service offers personal tailoring to the individual whether it be natural and luminous or more glamorous, making each bride feel comfortable and radiant. Kylie only uses high end products such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Chanel, YSL, Bobby Brown, Benefit, Georgio Armani, The Makeup Store, Redkin, Juice, L’Oreal, Tigi, Matrix and KMS. All makeup is set with a budge proof sealing spray.
Kylie and her professional team provide hair and makeup services for all sized bridal parties, 7 days a week in all parts of Sydney and Greater Sydney, no job is too far or too big!
Sydney City, CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Vaucluse, Bondi, Randwick, Bellevue Hill, Rose Bay, Double Bay, Darling Point, Potts Point, Lower North Shore, Mosman, Neutral Bay, Cammeray, Cremorne, Kirribilli, Manly, Lane Cove, Northern Beaches , Chatswood, Upper North Shore, St Ives, Gordon, Killara, Turramurra, Pymble, Wahroonga, Macquarie, Castle Hill, Beecroft, Pennant Hills,. Castle Hill, Windsor, Blue Mountains Wollongong, Hurstville, Southern Shire, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, New Castle and Southern Highlands.
Kylie price Professional Hair Styling and Make up Artists in Sydney

Kylie price is a great site to visit for fabulous make up, hair styling services, Celebrity Media Appearances , wedding makeup, bridal makeup artist in Sydney, mobile makeup.

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How to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding or Private Event

Hiring a makeup artist to come on location for weddings or special events has become the latest addition to wedding services.
Most women have a trusted stylist they see on a regular basis. On occasion when styling is only needed and their regular stylist is unavailable, they will usually let someone else style their hair. As for makeup it is a different story. Most women who are not public figures or celebrities do not have a personal professional makeup artist in their rolodex. When a special occasion arises, most do not have a clue on where to find one or even the process in hiring one. They began to ask around or search the internet, or find themselves at a cosmetic counter where they may leave with products they did not want in the first place. In the beauty industry, new makeup artists emerge everyday. Some work at cosmetic counters, some sell for cosmetic lines and others who work in Freelance Fashion Makeup Artist Sydney . Then you have the more extreme artist that work in Special effects, creating monsters and transforming stars into some our most hated Villains and loveable characters. Oh I forgot the artist who did nice makeup on their sister for prom who now is a makeup artist.

There is a major difference in finding someone to do your makeup, and booking a professional makeup artist. Most professional makeup artist have gone to school and most are licensed esthetician or facial specialist. Some makeup artist started from the ground up working for years with hands on training servicing the public. Brides and private events are not their only clients. They make a living without any side jobs working in areas of production, film, television, print and runway. They understand skin types and facial bone structure. They know the proper sanitation and sterilization for their tools, how to prevent contamination of there products, and how not to transfer germs from one client to another. They understand the importance of facial contouring and shading which is used to change eye shapes, correct noses, create cheeks bones etc... They understand skin tones and usage of the right color pigmentation that will match your complexion on the spot, without error, no matter how light or dark your skin may be.
When a professional makeup artist arrives, their main concern will not be to sell you products. If they sell a product that you want to buy, then that is just business and your happy. However, the goal will be to give you a perfect even complexion while enhancing your best features and hiding imperfection. Remember, shopping for a makeup artists in Sydney  with the cheapest price is not a good idea. Good quality makeup and talent cost. The cheaper the price, the cheaper the products and skill quality, you will get what you pay for. Your search should be base on the best artist with the best work that can do the job, even if you have to save for it. A good photo is timeless, look at the makeup in old photo's of Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayward, Elizabeth Taylor timeless or what? Do your home work and hire smart. Check credentials; ask if they carry a professional license to perform the services you will need. A licensed hair stylist will either be a full cosmetologist, or carry some sort of license to touch your hair. Hiring a licensed professional protects you, and secures you that the person you're hiring has the proper training and skills. Would you hire an unlicensed plastic surgeon? No, you check credentials, years of experiences and you want to see a lot of work they have done in the past.
Check the States Department of Business and Professional regulations to search the license number or name of the person you're hiring.
In the State of Florida it is Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations.
Make them back up the years of experience they are claiming and charging you for. Ask questions; ask to see their work and more work. Trials for hair styling are essential and should be for both client and artist to collaborate. Trials for makeup should be your choice to do and not a suggestion from the artist. A professional artist does not need a trial to do beauty makeup. In production we can not do trials, we are presented with ideas and it is our job as the artist to produce. Do not get caught up in advertisement words, the proof is in the WORK! A makeup artist who has had been in the industry for years, licensed or not, will have a portfolio and a website filled with there actual work (not bought stock photo's). When a makeup artist is consider for a job any where else in this profession, without the proper creativity, skills, license, resume and images to show, they will not be hired.

Hair Beauty and Makeup Artists

There are certain special events in our lives that warrant using hair, beauty and make-up artists. One popular reason is using them on your wedding day. Knowing which artist to hire can be tricky and hiring a professional is important. Continue reading to find out why.
Normally women have a trusted hairstylist which they use regularly. But when it comes to makeup and beauty care very few women have personal professional hair, beauty and makeup artists available. When the need for one arises they don't have any idea about how to hire one.
Many women will start asking their friends for referrals or look on the internet for any local hair, beauty and  makeup artists in Sydney . The beauty industry is a big business with new makeup artists constantly coming onto the scene. Some makeup artists work at cosmetic counters while others sell cosmetics or work in the fashion and entertainment industry.
There is a difference in hiring someone to do your makeup versus booking a professional. Professional hair, beauty and makeup artists would have gone to school to learn their trade and have become a licensed esthetician or facial specialist. Others learn their skills from the ground up, training hands on. They would be very familiar with working with brides and other private functions.
Many hair, beauty and make-up artists make a living working in the film, television or magazine and catalogue industries. They will also work closely with all types of models and therefore have lots of experience.
A professional hair, beauty and make-up artist will understand skin types and bone structure. They will know how to use and sanitize their tools correctly. They will also have a good understanding of contouring and shading to compliment or even hide eye, nose and cheek bones flaws.
Good hair, beauty and makeup artists have a goal to make you happy with their service. They might recommend products to you, but their main objective is not to sell you a line of beauty products.
When looking for hair, beauty and makeup artists don't always go with the lowest price. A picture can last many, many years and looking your best on that special is really important to you. It just might be worth spending that extra money to get a top makeup artist.
When hiring a make-up artist check out their credentials and see if they have a professional license or not, hiring a licensed professional makes you feel more comfortable. You know that they have had the proper training to do your hair and makeup correctly. They should also carry a portfolio with photos of their work. This way you know you are getting a good hair and beauty makeup artists in sydney  and will receive exactly what you are paying for.

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Professional Make Up Artistry and Hair Styling

Hair is very important as it can change quite a lot about your appearance. It's amazing just how much something as simple as a haircut can change how you look. If you've had the same hairstyle for some time then you might want to consider changing it and trying something new. The best way to do this is to try and look what other people are doing and find out whether the same would work on you.
Hair is especially important for females; your hair does more than just make you look nice. It also shows people what sort of personality you have. Celebrities have professional fashion makeup artists in Sydney to decide their whole look, and you can do that too.
You need to carefully choose a hair style that compliments your other features, specifically the shape of your face. The shape of your face can make certain hair styles suitable, while making others look hideous.
Shape of face
So you need to carefully study your own features and decide what shape your face has, and which features you want to highlight.
If you have a wide jaw then you will have a fairly square face, if this is the case then you will want to try and break up the square lines of your face to add interest and stop people being drawn to it. You should choose hairstyles that have a lot of volume but are not particularly long. Don't flatten all your hair down so that it's very neat as this will draw attention to it, volume really will be your friend.
Round Face
If you have a round or oval face then any hairstyle will almost certainly suit you. This means that you can experiment with lots of different styles until you find one that you really like.
If you have a triangular face then you should try a heavy fringe. Make sure that you try to rebalance your face by highlighting these areas. You might also want to try short hair as this will look great and is a nice modern look. You can also use long hair styles; you just need plenty of volume.
Long Face
In this case it is important to use plenty of volume at the top of your head. This makes your cheekbone stand out and doesn't make your face look as long. Keep your hair short so that you don't draw attention to the fact that you have a long face, hairstyles that promote movement are very useful.
Spending time choosing the right hairstyle for your face will make you look much better, which will in turn improve your confidence. If you really don't know what to do, then you might like to consider talking to professional makeup artists in Sydney. If you're getting married then consider visiting a bridal hair and makeup Sydney boutique for help and guidance. There are plenty of wedding hair Sydney boutiques if you are willing to search on the internet. Experiment with your features so that you can try to make the most out of them. is a great site to visit for fabulous make up & hair styling services. In addition, they provide precious tips for a more beautiful you. You will also receive lessons on what to and what NOT to do, to look more gorgeous.

makeup artists in Sydney | wedding makeup artist Sydney | Freelance Fashion Makeup Artist Sydney

Before considering a career as a makeup artists in Sydney, you must do field research. That's the primary way to avoid pitfalls. Is there room in your geographical area for another makeup artist? What is the competition like? Are you willing to travel for, say, a wedding? How far? Is your car dependable? If you don't want to travel, is your city big enough for you to get the client base you need?
Also get the scoop on pay in your area. It will vary, even in one town, depending on your clientele. Working for a wedding planner, you will make more than working for a mall photography shop. Find out what the highest and lowest income opportunities are.
Freelance or Corporate: Perks and Pitfalls
If your research gives you a green light, the next step is to decide between the freelance life and the employee life.
Working for a company, perhaps being a sales rep for your favorite cosmetics brand, or being the on-call makeup artists for a film production company, you can count on a regular pay check and perhaps even benefits.
Joining the growing group of freelancers, you'll need to spend at least 50% of your work day on marketing yourself.
In either case - freelance or corporate - the next step is to become accredited.
Get the information on the legal, health, and educational certification required by your state, county, or town. Take classes from an accredited beauty school (many have generous scholarship programs).
How to Get Work
Now you're ready for the most critical part of becoming a professional makeup artist: marketing yourself.
If you want to work for a company, you can send resumes to spas, beauty salons, and specific cosmetic companies. Once you get a job, you are on your way to a career. You can make contacts, work your way up in the organization, acquire mentors, and get that most magical benefit of all - experience. If you get a job with a specific cosmetic company, they may require you to take additional classes focusing on their products. Usually they will pay for that.
A plum job with great pay would be one with a special effects makeup company that does film and television work. Getting that job will require additional training, lots of pavement pounding, and living in the right city. L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, and New York are important film industry hubs. Other cities, like Austin, Texas, attract film professionals, but these people often bring their own makeup artists with them.
Choosing the freelance route means that self-promotion becomes a way of life. But once you reach a point where you have a little bit of paying work, you'll find that word of mouth will exponentially increase your customer base.
Freelancing: Special Considerations
As a freelance makeup artist, you can approach wedding planners, photography studios, film production companies, ad agencies, and theatrical groups. Make sure, too, that all talent agencies in your area know about you.
You're creative - that's one reason you're going into the makeup profession. And you can use that creative mind to make a list of marketing ideas. Here are a few to get you going:
  • Print up business cards and always have them on you. Leave them with everyone you meet during the day.

  • Join a networking group. These groups are extremely effective. You'll meet perhaps once a month either for lunch or happy hour (some troopers have breakfast meetings!), and there will usually be an agenda, followed by a social time of mingling. Some networking groups are free, some charge a fee. If you're just starting your networking experience, definitely join the free groups. You will have to pay for your meal and drinks, though.

  • Walk tall and exude success. It always shows. Read books on your own. Study magazines. Try makeup techniques on your friends and read makeup sites on the Internet. Get your confidence up as high as it will go!

  • Make a list of all your contacts. You have more than you realize. Friends, your accountant, your church or social groups, the shopkeepers you see regularly. Don't worry, you're not going to hassle these people. But you can send them a cute postcard announcing the opening of your new makeup business.

  • Which brings us to the next item? Print up some eye-catching postcards (you can do it on your computer), and send them out. Always have extras so you can send them to new people as you meet them.

  • Get yourself to any and all beauty-related events in your area. Whether it's a trade show, a trunk show, a store opening, or a book signing, be there with your business cards.

  • Put up a website. It's easy, even if you've never done it before. Today, a website is more important than a business card! See Website - Do It Yourself to get started.

  • Design and print up a resume-type introduction that you can give to the local spa directors and wedding planners. It must be unique - not bland like a business resume - and colorful. Use your imagination. Make it irresistible.

Today's Freelance Makeup Artist Needs:
The other requirement of being a freelancer is that you'll have to stock your own makeup kit. This is an investment, and if you make money, chances are you'll be able to deduct the costs of your cosmetics.
Many women are going "green" these days, so be sure your makeup kit is filled with earth-friendly, skin-friendly, and non-animal tested products. If you want to specialize and use only vegan products, you could use that as a compelling marketing tool.
Being "known" for a unique niche is also a great way to catch business. You could specialize in makeovers, anti-aging looks, head shots for actors (although many actors prefer to do their own makeup), or runway and catalog makeup for models.
Whether you apply to work for a company or go freelance, remember: there is no guarantee that you will immediately earn enough money to live on. Go into the process with enough money saved up to keep you in the black for at least six to twelve months. And decide ahead of time how long you're willing to go without clients. Market your services with an organized plan, and be persistent.
Going into the makeup artist business can be an awesome life change - financially and emotionally. Do it with care, do it with intelligence, do it with a plan - and you could be living your dream.